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RareSox's News

Posted by RareSox - November 2nd, 2019

Kotaro is not going anywhere. Still trying to generate ideas.

I've just got ideas to work on The Battle of Calico.

It's hard. So is Animation.

I need the right resources for the job.

The best people.

Where are them Funimation actors when you need them?



Posted by RareSox - October 20th, 2019

Here it is. I decided to announce the first Spectrum Direct that's coming in November, due to Mayo doing it. (I know, me, trying to be Sega here.)

Other than that, I suggest you watch this video for more details on what I'm talking about. Hopefully, I will announce some future content as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBFmHT9MrI0


Posted by RareSox - October 18th, 2019

I feel as if I haven't got my voice heard in the world of animation, especially Newgrounds. And animating anime humans seems to be easier said than done. What I can do is try to mix the cartoony art style of some of the Warner's work with the anime style similar to Tite Kubo's Bleach and Toshiaki Iwashiro's Psyren. Please give me suggestions on what I can do to refine my short story. I want to see it through the end. If anyone wants to participate to make the time go quicker, I'd be happy to accept volunteers for the project. And when it releases, I hope you enjoy the project as much as I did making it.


Posted by RareSox - October 17th, 2019

Hi. I'm currently working on a new samurai themed project titled "Kotaro: Shadow of the Samurai". As far as I know, the premise is basically a man who feels angered about everyone trash talking the Sengoku Era Japan. When he gets hit by a train trying to save a homeless man from getting ran over, he finds out he's in that period everyone had been trash talking. After being chased by the Shogun for refusing to give out his name, he meets a samurai named Kotaro, in which he's trying to find the meaning to life during the Sengoku period. At the same time, he aids the man who's just trying to get home to his present time period.

It's a lot more complicated, but I'm gonna need all the help I can get if I want to get the short out by Early 2020. I could use some background artists that could make the world believable in their sense as much as possible. I'll handle most of the animation, but I could also use some supporting animators for this as well. I'll give out more detail soon.


Posted by RareSox - August 24th, 2019

I know the jungle project is taking longer than usual, but to keep y'all waiting, here's a quickie that I worked on for YouTube. Hardcore Nintendo fans might recognize this.


Posted by RareSox - August 13th, 2019

Due to my computer being combusted and deleting System 32 on purpose, I would have to give up on Wanted: Dead or Alive for the time being. But fret not. Although it won't be released, I will continue to find ways of bring the project back from the dead. In the meantime, I am working on an adventure animation about a traveling salesman who stumbles on an island in search for the Hori while avoiding traps and strange creatures. If anything, I'll get it released hopefully by the end of the year, so be sure you get the notice. I also might use traditional hand drawn animation while also making use of digital ink and paint. Be sure to stick for more updates.


Posted by RareSox - August 9th, 2019

Production is flowing once again for Wanted: Dead or Alive, but I kinda want to know where I can find some good sound effects to make the mood flow, I.E. Wind blowing across the desert. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know so I can make this project the one I envisioned. (I'll still give you credit in the Special Thanks tab.)


Posted by RareSox - July 15th, 2019

Does anyone even read this anymore?

Anywho, I'm looking for voice actors and animators who want to volunteer in the making of Wanted: Dead or Alive. Please comment or Message me if you are interested.


Posted by RareSox - July 7th, 2019

I have came back upon the breaches of Newgrounds to tell you that I am in the process of working on a massive project titled, "Wanted: Dead or Alive". The premise of the animation is about a lonesome cowboy trying to defend himself after being falsely accused as an outlaw by the notorious El Gulcho Bandits. I could gladly use some voices for my project, primarily a cowboy, five sets of bandits, the three commanders, and the leader of the bandits. Not sure where else to go from here, but stay tuned for later updates regarding the project.


Posted by RareSox - March 22nd, 2019

Yes, I understand why I've been off from Newgrounds for a while. But I am currently working on a new project for Newgrounds in hopes of making my recognition known on this very site. Hopefully, I'll figure something out from here.